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  • Car Wraps
  • Wheel Refurbishment
  • Window Tints
  • BodyWork
  • Crystallisation
  • Luxury Package
  • For Your Business
  • For Your Home

Car Wrapping

Wraps are an effective way to personalise your vehicle.Our wraps are fully customisable and come in all colours and finishes including satin, matte and chrome. You also have the option to work alongside our in-house graphics team to create a bespoke wrap to suit your style.Wraps can provide a look and finish that can’t be attained through paint, they are fully reversable and work to protect your vehicle’s original paintwork. So, not only do they make your vehicle distinguishable, they can be easily updated to reflect your evolving aesthetic.

Wheel Refurbishment

Cars in Cloaks can restore or source suitable replacements for virtually any level of wheel damage, from small chip repair to full alloy refurbishment.We also offer a number of aesthetic enhancements for wheels, including powder coated colour changes, diamond cut alloy finishes and calliper wrapping.

Window Tints

We use the highest quality materials to tint both vehicle and building windows. Window tints:

  • Enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle.
  • Provide privacy.
  • Protect your skin from harmful and damaging UV rays.
  • Enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle.
  • Help to prevent your window from shattering, in the instance of a break in or accident.Our tints come with a lifetime guarantee


Cars in Cloaks deal with the full process of bodywork enhancements, from sourcing the most appropriate parts for your vehicle, to colour matching and installing the parts.Our Bodyshop deals with both performance and aesthetic upgrades. We are also equipped to carry out a range of comprehensive repairs, from removing unfortunate dents and bumper scuffs to major collision and accident damage. We take on private repair jobs, as well as jobs that are claimed through insurance.


Cars in Cloaks designed and produced the “World’s Best Crystallised Car”.We are the talent behind Daria Radionova’s 2 Million Swarovski crystal Lamborghini, as featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail and Carbuzz.Crystallisation at Cars in Cloaks involves meticulous planning, in-depth vehicle mapping and encrustation by hand, one crystal at a time. This process, although time consuming and labour intensive, ensures that the final product is to the exact specification of the client, while also enhancing the shape of the vehicle. Each crystal is individually bonded using a unique method developed in-house, making them extremely secure.Finally, crystallisation at Cars in Cloaks is reversable. So we can remove the crystals from your vehicle when you’re ready for a change, with no damage done to your original paintwork.

Luxury Package

Luxury is our speciality. The Cars in Cloaks Luxury Package can be added on to any of our services. With this package you get:– A premium design consultation at our showroom, or a location of your choice, where we take time to understand your vision and discuss how we can make it a reality.

  • Priority booking.
  • Express service.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Vehicle collection and drop off at your convenience.
  • A full valet service after your vehicle has been Cloaked.
  • An aftercare consultation appointment.The Luxury Package can also be applied to home design and corporate bookings. Cars in Cloaks Luxury Package: POA

For Your Business

We have various services designed to elevate your brand.Our graphics team can work with you to create the perfect aesthetic for your business premises and vehicles.We can wrap (almost) anything, from pens to private jets. Wall wraps completely transform the look of a space and can be fully customised to reflect your business. Our furniture wraps are a quick and cost-effective way to upgrade the look of your space without having to pay for a full renovation. Wraps provide a new, sanitary surface that can be disinfected without ruining the finish.Window tints are an extremely popular service amongst businesses as they provide privacy, protection from harmful UV rays and they can be made shatterproof, adding an additional layer of security to your premises and vehicles. We also design, produce and install window decals. Speak to our corporate sales team today to discuss your business requirements.

For Your Home

We offer a number of services that personalise and protect your home.Our décor wraps are fully customisable and can be installed on virtually any flat surface including walls, tiles, worktops and tables. Wraps come in all styles and finishes including leather, metallic, wood and solid colour. We can also create and install custom designs.Wraps are a cost-effective and quick way to change the aesthetic of your home. They are also hygienic as they are easy to clean, disinfect and can be changed as often as you’d like.We also tint home windows. Window tints provide protection against harmful UV rays and can provide privacy, depending on the shade you pick. They can also be made shatterproof, adding a layer of security to your home.

Recent Work


Brand New Mercedes GLC wrapped in satin black with gloss black accents

Titanium M5

Brand new BMW M5 wrapped in Titanium Brushed

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Any vehicle and brand